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In the art room, students have the opportunity to participate in many different kinds of art experiences.
Students have the chance to create artwork with a variety of art media, while focusing on the elements of art and principles of design. The art curriculum at Rosemount Elementary focuses on the exploration of ideas and concepts through creative studio practices, art appreciation, perceptual awareness, exploring the imagination and discussions on art history. The curriculum is presented through slides of artwork, reproductions, video clips, original works of art and literature. The students view artwork from many different cultures and time periods. In the classroom, we discuss many different cultural and social aspects of art. Critical thinking and problem solving skills are utilized throughout the art curriculum and are incorporated on a daily basis.

The arts are a way for students to expand their minds and their hearts. For many students, the arts offer many things such as: a way for individual expression, a way to document the world and the times, a chance to explore new avenues, an opportunity to create and a way to explore the imagination.


“There are many ways to see and interpret the world.” ~ Elliot Eisner

Maureen Soderholm

Maureen Soderholm

Art Teacher

Voicemail: 82146