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Art holds significant value in the growth and development of every child through the power of creativity and self-expression. It opens doors that lead children down the path of self-discovery as well as encourages them to be socially and culturally aware of the larger world that they are a part of. Art education inspires a higher level of critical thinking that prepares children to develop as problem solvers and assists in their ability for academic and social/interpersonal success.

Here in the Art Room at Rosemount Elementary we want every child to feel seen, heard, and loved as the unique individuals they are. Through meaningful artistic experiences, students will be able to use their skills and imaginations in a positive classroom environment where they feel safe to learn and create. Each grade level explores the art disciplines and art history through drawing, painting, sculpture, clay, photography, weaving, and graphic design. Lessons and activities are crafted to meet the individual needs and ability levels of all children across six grade levels to ensure that students can feel a sense of artistic accomplishment and personal value that they deserve.

Warmly, Mrs. Farrington

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

-Vincent Van Gogh


Here is an active link to the digital RES Art Room. Students and their families are encouraged to access it any time for updated activities and personal messages from Mrs. Farrington.


Art teacher Karin Farrington

Karin Farrington

Art Teacher

Voicemail: 82156